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I am Ville "Scie" Piispanen, the mind and body behind VR project Evacrity. Consumer virtual reality is finally taking its first steps. We don't only take part in the movement, we are willing to shape certain fields with our own example. Evacrity is about fitness, realism and immersion and the approach seems to be very rare or even unique at the moment. We want to make virtual reality gaming sessions harder, tougher, more demanding and more realistic and showcase these possibilities to the viewers. We do this by utilizing every single piece of equipment we can think of. Infantry soldier camouflage uniform, tactical equipment, body armors, weighted clothing, virtual reality locomotion platform, heart rate monitor and more conventional exercise equipment like kettlebells have already seen virtual reality use in our hands and there is more to come. First person shooter games and infantry combat gear is a natural combination for me personally, because of my army background. When I step into the virtual world myself, I'm after a workout, exercise or both, every single time.

I aim to be the first professional cyberathlete, vAthlete, vrAthlete, whichever the term will be, the World's fittest professional gamer and to drive the physical, realistic VR competitive scene forward as a vanguard. How I see it going, a typical traditional gamer will soon be a thing of the past as competitive gaming and eSports will shift towards more physically demanding direction. Both gaming skills and physical attributes will be required if you are aiming to be successful. Wouldn't it be more entertaining if the competitors ran with their own feet instead of using controllers? I have hard time using a controller nowadays, because I've already used a locomotion platform and moved with my own feet in VR games. Open question - Wouldn't gaming scene like this, promoting healthy lifestyle and working both body and mind, provide better idols and goals for the youth who nowadays grow in the middle of computers?

Evacrity was made public at the start of April this year. I got the idea during my Middle East deployment in 2014 and it had been on the drawing board ever since, so everything would be prepared when the time came, I knew I was onto something. The wait was heartbreaking, but finally in 2017 the required technology and everything we needed as a team was available and the project was launched. In this World it often comes down to what you can prove, not just what you can do. Evacrity was our secret until we were ready to show what we do. We create content weekly, making videos and streaming physical gaming. We are currently upgrading our studio to make it even better, we want to relay the biggest possible amount of the virtual reality wonder we are experiencing to the viewer.

Ville’s speech from ArtTech Seminars 2017, Helsinki, Finland, Aug 3rd - VR combined with physical exercise

Starbreeze Studios’ John Wick Chronicles relistic pistol simulation leaderboard record in combat gear.

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