Who is Scie?


Ville “Scie” Piispanen is the director of Evacrity VR. The mind behind most of the plan and the body primarily executing the plan.

  • Info
    • Age: 30
    • Height: 180cm
    • Weight 77kg
    • Nationality: Finnish
    • Nickname: V


  • Gamer
    • Ville started multiplayer gaming in 1999 with Quake 1 Team Fortress and transitioned to Half-life: Counter-strike in June 2000. He was fairly well-known in the Finnish scene for aggressive playstyle and high 1on1 skill. These abilities carried him to several LAN event victories in 5on5 tournaments and to take part in Clanbase Eurocup and Assembly invitational in 2003. Ville was also a keen World of Warcraft player, playing at the top level at the early stages of the game.
  • Athletic background
    • Wrestling was a big part of Ville’s youth. After starting at the age of 5, he competed in both greco-roman and freestyle wrestling with moderate success. After wrestling, volleyball and Finnish baseball took over and eventually MMA came into picture. Wrestling built the base for MMA that entered his life in 2004. Ville ended up competing in both submission wrestling and amateur MMA in Finland and continues fighter-like training to this date.
  • Soldier
    • Ville served 5 years in total in the Finnish army after reaching the rank of lieutenant. His core branch training is jaeger platoon leader, jaegers being the Finnish equivalent for army rangers. He is currently not in active duty, but occasionally signs short-term contracts with Finnish army for instructor or specialist tasks in Finland and abroad. EU & UN military crisis management veteran.
  • Entrepreneur
    • No stranger to entrepreneurship before Evacrity, Ville has been owner/partner of two security businesses before Evacrity.