The story - what brought me here

Once upon a time I was...

A fighter and fitness enthusiast

A soldier


In 2014 I started seeing the potential of VR, finally rising its head. Still employed by the armed forces back then I started researching the possibilities of the upcoming technology for training soldiers and other professionals. After spending 18 months at the drawing table I felt like I had identified the things I would start pursuing. My fields would be tactical training, combat sports & physical fitness and competitive VR gaming and I wouldn't let anything stand in my way.



Unique approach to VR has gained me the nickname "The VR Athlete" which I carry with pride. In a way it sums up the bulk of what I do, and it's very much likely that I'm one of the fittest individuals on the planet regularly utilizing VR.


Ville Piispanen


VR/XR speaker, innovator and product tester

Army first lieutenant

UN peacekeeper, use of force and ROE instructor

MMA fighter and fitness enthusiast