Our approach is about bringing Extended Reality and real life as close to each other as possible.  Solving problems and finding optimal solutions drives and motivates us.

When it comes to training or any of our focus fields in general, we'll weigh both technological and more conventional solutions. It isn't smart or practical to start re-inventing the wheel, when existing solutions might already be around.

Our primary strengths in the vast field of XR are:

  • Architectural expertise - We'll design and invent the specific solutions your simulation, scenario or game needs.
  • Hands-on experience - With our vast knowledge and understanding of military training, firearms, physical exercise, gaming, combat sports, XR environments and simulations we might already have a practical solution in mind that your project is looking for.
  • Existing networks - We want to find the best solution for you. If we have lack some of the necessary tools you project needs, it's very likely that we can cooperate with another business or direct you to someone with the right tools for the job.



Practicality and lasting core competencies are built through deeper understanding.

Evacrity VR

Our zone is where reality and virtual reality interlace. Finding optimal solutions for simulation-based training requires very specific combination of technological insight and hands-on approach.





Coders will be the rockstars of the current century, no question about it, but every song needs a composer and songwriter before artist plays a role. We'll compose what you need, from soldier to soldier, athlete to athlete, gamer to gamer.

Do you represent one of the following?

  • Military or police unit in need of simulator upgrades
  • VR locomotion hardware manufacturer
  • VR shooter or sports game developer
  • Investor who shares our vision of the future of training and education